Aidan Marak

Aidan Marak is the art alias of Nadia Laallaoui Karam, who left her native Morocco to study design in Paris 30 years ago. She has been working and creating in Miami for 20 years, but her African heritage is still central to her perspective. In her work, Nadia seeks to strip away the constructs that keep us from seeing and living in our common humanity. Sometimes she provokes, poking at the conservatism of her homeland or the vanity of Miami. Sometimes she indulges in pure form and beauty. The goal is connection, understanding, acceptance, love. “I would like to start a conversation. We can choose how we want to live, but first we have to see what we are.”


Find Aidan's work on Instagram @Aidan.marak

" My art is crude, sincere and uniquely authentic, with pieces that convey a message about the unspoken truth. Nothing is off-limits. I would not be able to create otherwise."

Aidan Marak