"La Voyageuse" (The Traveler) 

Acrylic paint, spray paint, tape, newspaper, colored paper,

pennies on canvas



From “The Women Series,”                  

La Voyageuse (The Traveler) is a woman who condemns the close minded, the racists, the ignorant.  We fear what we don’t know, we judge what we don’t comprehend, and push away what is different. Traveling is the best medicine to cure the fear of the unknown.


“La Putain” (The Courtesan)

Acrylic paint, spray paint, tape, newspaper, colored paper, safety pins on canvas


From “The Women Series,” “La Putain” is a woman who is considered immoral for the choices she makes. She refuses to be reduced to pre-defined alternatives, and acts guiltlessly, assuming her choices, aware of her surroundings. 

Translated in my words: A “Badass Queen.” 


“L’Africaine” (The African)

Acrylic paint, spray paint, pennies, newspaper, colored paper, Kraft paper on canvas


From “The Women Series,” “L’Africaine” (The African) is a rooted Woman who immigrated by choice or obligation. No matter how far she climbed, she forever stayed connected to her soul. Her motherland, considered a third world continent, is home to unparalleled personages, spectacular landscapes, the nucleus of hospitality, generosity and affection. Madiba, and a glimpse of his extraordinary life, takes the center stage of the canvas. Poems, the music of my pen.